The Opera Project

The Opera Project is a classical singers’ forum that supports singers in the community by offering performance opportunities for professionals, students, and emerging artists alike. A charitable non-profit organization, The Opera Project raised money during its first season for St. Andrew’s Church, Lambertville, New Jersey, to restore the historic Hook and Hastings organ. During the second year, The Opera Project raised money for Doctors Without Borders. In addition to the regular concerts of its third season, The Opera Project  expanded its horizons with several concerts to benefit local benevolent organizations, including the Briteside Adult Day Center in Flemington, New Jersey.  

Opera News 2015-2016 Season

As the 2015-2016 season begins, I wish to thank the  people who have once again come forward to support The Opera Project with their donations. It would not be possible to continue our mission without them, which is true of every major and minor opera company from the Metropolitain to the smallest regional company. Ticket sales alone hardly cover the cost of the halls. I also wish to thank our president, Fred Cushman, for his efforts at fundraising have been invaluable.

                There is always a core of people in every organization that make the wheels turn. That core at The Opera Project is Petra Liana, Aodan Peacock, Fred Cushman, Richard McIntyre, Stephanie McCue, Rick Tocce, and Sherry MacNicoll.

                Also, our special thanks go to Scott MacNeill, local artist, for his help with advertising and poster art, and finally, the singers themselves for all of their hard work and dedication. It is through their talents that we hope to keep opera and classical singing alive and flourishing in Hunterdon County.

 The new year brings a few changes to our 2016 season. 

The Rent Party, our annual fundraiser crossover event, has been rescheduled as part

 of our winter's end, springtime Sunday afternoon line up at the Prallsville Mills in

 Stockton, NJ.  This series of concerts will be held at 3:30 PM. Tickets as always are

 available at the door.

            March 20    “The Art of the Song” a concert of American and European art songs

            April 17       “The Rent Party”: a fundraiser crossover concert event with music 

                                from     local artists as well as the Opera Project. Jazz, strings, folk and opera.

            May 22       “The Memorial Concert”: We close our season with a concert dedicated

                                      to the memory of Deborah Maher.